Setting up a Dev Environment for Kubernetes and Docker

Analysing Data with AWS S3, Glue and Athena

Federating AWS Cognito to Azure AD

Versioning Serverless APIs

Building a Secure AWS REST Request

Amazon Alexa Skills: Post 5 - Certify your Skill

Amazon Alexa Skills: Post 4 - Test your skill on Alexa

Amazon Alexa Skills: Post 3 - Create a Custom Skill

Amazon Alexa Skills: Post 2 - Set-up your development environment

Amazon Alexa Skills: Post 1 - Overview and Prerequisites

AWS Weirdness - Execution failed due to configuration error: Invalid permissions on Lambda function

Factory Pattern

Observer Pattern

.NET Core Code Coverage using OpenCover

GIT - Basic Set-up

Web API Design - General Approaches

ASP.Net Core - Command Line Tools

Composition and Inheritance

What's New in C# 6? - Overview

Visual Studio Extension - Custom File Templates

.NET Serialization Performance

Microsoft Fakes - Shims and Stubs

Angular Directives - Overview

Structuring an Angular Solution

AngularJS Overview

Clientside Testing - Promises

Clientside Testing - Mocking, Spies and Stubs

Entity Framework 6

Building a SPA with Durandal, Knockout and Breeze

Composite Pattern

Structs and Lists

Rounding in .NET